This is an archive of what the website looked like as of April 8th, 2018.
Delegates debating big questions.

Frequenty Asked Questions

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Ontario Model United Nations is a student-run Model United Nations simulation held at Upper Canada College. You can find out more on our about page.

OMUN III is held over two days from April 7th and 8th.

OMUN is an entirely student-run Model UN Simulation; you can find the secretariat, chairs, and other organisational staff at our team page.

Our advisor package contains information about registration and the conference. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Early bird registration ends at November 31st, at $45 per delegate. Normal Registration ends on February 15th, at $55 per delegate. Late Registration ends on March 20th, at $65 per delegate.

OMUN would prefer if delegates came in Western business attire. OMUN specifically bans clothing with offensive remarks, or content that is harms or targets other delegates.


OMUN features three different committee types: General Assemblies (GAs), Specialized Agencies (SAs), and Crisis Committees. General Assemblies are the largest type of committees, and are offical UN committees that feature every UN country. Specialized Agencies feature a subset of UN committees, or a smaller group of non-UN affiliated countries in a non-UN affiliated organisation. Crisis are a special type of committee: instead of passing resolutions, small groups of delegates deal with coming crisis using directives.

Each individual committee will have a different committee size, which you can find on our committee page.

You can find our delegate matrix here.

OMUN will be making position papers mandatory this year for all delegates to receive committee awards. They will be marked, counting for 10 points out of 60 towards committee awards. Delegates should target their papers to be one page, single spaced, per topic. Position Papers will be due April 7th. Find out more information at the Delegate Center.

No, double delegations only need to submit one position paper.

You can find our Rules of Procedure here.

OMUN has a strict delegate rubric, which you can find here.