This is an archive of what the website looked like as of April 8th, 2018.
Staff at OMUN working hard!


OMUN is comprised of veteran MUNers who have years of experience and have won awards at BMUN (Berkeley), HMUN (Harvard), CMUNCE (Columbia), and SSUNS (McGill). Our staff are dedicated to making OMUN a great conference and an educational experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Photo of Conrad Mahony

Conrad Mahony

Secretary General

Photo of Aryan Paliwal

Aryan Paliwal

Secretary General

Photo of David Niddam-Dent

David Niddam-Dent

Director General

Photo of Adam Rothman

Adam Rothman

Director General

Photo of Joe Hill

Joe Hill

USG Operations

Photo of Michael Kagan

Michael Kagan

USG Operations

Photo of Ty Greenberg

Ty Greenberg

USG External Affairs

Photo of Charlie Hughes

Charlie Hughes

USG Administration

Photo of Matthew Wang

Matthew Wang

USG Communications

Photo of Sammy Fleisher

Sammy Fleisher

USG Committees

Photo of Adam Sayani

Adam Sayani

USG Committees

Photo of Cooper Mendelson-Grasse

Cooper Mendelson-Grasse

USG Specialized Agencies

Photo of Jamie Oneschuk

Jamie Oneschuk

USG Specialized Agencies

Photo of Campbell MacKinnon

Campbell MacKinnon

Deputy USG Administration

Photo of Oscar Wang

Oscar Wang

Deputy USG Operations

Photo of Kohilan Paramaanantham

Kohilan Paramaanantham

Deputy USG Operations

Photo of Shaan Hooey

Shaan Hooey

Deputy USG Communications

Photo of Arjun Kapur

Arjun Kapur

Deputy USG Committees

Photo of Evan Enns

Evan Enns

Deputy USG Specialized Agencies

Photo of Gaurav Dogra

Gaurav Dogra

Deputy USG External Affairs

Photo of Uche Ochuba

Uche Ochuba

Director of Delegate Affairs

Photo of Anya Murphy

Anya Murphy


Photo of Alex Lawson

Alex Lawson


Photo of Madelaine Griffith

Madelaine Griffith


Photo of Scott Cable

Scott Cable


Photo of Morgan Headrick

Morgan Headrick


Photo of Kristina Matovich

Kristina Matovich


Photo of Katarina Lalovic

Katarina Lalovic


Photo of Konstantinos Tsatsos

Konstantinos Tsatsos


Photo of Thomas Henn

Thomas Henn


Photo of Zack Nathan

Zack Nathan


Photo of Meg Fanjoy

Meg Fanjoy